Have you experienced or witnessed misconduct in your workplace? Make A Report 

Respect@Work LegislationAre you compliant?

Protect your people and brand with end-to-end compliance.

Prevent psychosocial injury in your workplace. Eradicate harassment, bullying and discrimination with a purpose-built reporting and case management platform.

End-To-End Compliance

The only platform that offers E2E compliance and best practices in one place.

Implement the complete program or individual services to fill your gaps and meet the needs of your organisation.

Reporting & Response

A web-based platform with anonymous reporting options and guided case management workflows.


Build capability in your leadership through face to face or online training, personalised coaching and workshops.


Our seasoned consultants excel in culture transformation, crafting world-class strategies for culture, change, and diversity and inclusion.


Engaging online or in-person training for staff, case managers, and leaders, with access to a library of best practise tools, resource & model policies that address new legislation.

Monitoring & Evaluation

The RespectX dashboard gives you unparalleled insight into your workplace risks and how well you are mitigating them.

Risk Management

Understand your key people and regulatory risks through prevalence surveys, psychosocial risk assessments, and regulatory gap analysis.


Enable reporters to access in-house or third party support 24/7.


Stay current and compliant with the latest industry best practice recommendations:

Case Management

Simple and secure case management in one place.

Build confidence and trust with a consistent, fair and transparent response.

Step-by-step Guidance.
Deliver best practice responses while complying with legislation.
Secure Audit Trail.
Store critical information and evidence, including multimedia files.
Resources Library.
Access a comprehensive library of up to date legislation, best practices, resources and tools. Plus upload your own policies for easy access.
Maintain historical records to identify patterns of behaviour and repeat offenders.
Screenshot of the admin report dashboard


Stay on top of what's happening in your organisation.

Real-time data and analytics to focus your prevention efforts.

Identify Risks.
Locate where, when and to whom incidents are happening.
Meet Reporting Obligations.
Downloadable dashboard reports for boards and regulators.
Case Metrics.
Track the status of cases and the time taken to resolve them.
Know What Works.
Gather feedback from reporters to monitor the effectiveness of your response.
Understand the impact of incidents on different groups within your organisation.
Screenshot of chat messages between a complainant and organisation


Mobile-first for a modern, distributed workforce.

Easy, instant, and safe access for everyone.

Access from any device.
No app downloads or passwords.
Secure Portal.
Enable your people to manage and track updates with a personal login.
Start a Conversation.
Secure messaging allows you to communicate, even with anonymous reporters.
SMS Notifications.
Send updates to keep your people informed throughout the case management process.
Screenshot of the admin report dashboard

RespectX meets people where they are at. Our people are millennials; they don't want to dial a number, or find an intranet page, they want to make a report and access support on any device, at any time, any where.

Emily Zhang
Global Top 100 HRD 2023, Chief People Officer at Monoova

Reporting Options

Don't wait for a crisis to act.

Most people want to report informally. Providing an early reporting option reduces the risk of being blindsided.

Mobile app screenshotPhone screen showing the page of the RespectX mobile website

Pathways Options

  • Informal (& Anonymous) Reporting

    Start a conversation.

    Create a safe space for constructive dialogue. Respond to minor issues more rapidly without the need for a formal investigation.

  • Formal Reporting

    Commit to action.

    Implement a robust system to consistently and effectively respond to complaints in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

RespectX encourages my people to report early. That way you can start moving that culture to a more positive and safe place before it escalates into a full blown investigation.

Josh Faulks


Modern, engaging training for different audiences

Not your average mandatory training. Build awareness, skills and confidence for everyone to contribute to a safe and respectful workplace.

All levels.
Tailored training for boards, executive teams, people leaders, case managers, high risk groups and all staff.
Delivery options.
A mix of delivery options and formats creates an engaging experience for your people.
Designed by experts.
Deep subject matter expertise and experienced facilitators.
Screenshot of chat messages between a complainant and organisation

The training broke down barriers and created confidence in our team.

- Anonymous Employee

Risk Management

Take a risk based approach to prevention and response.

Manage risk in your organistion with advice and support from our team of experts.

Prevalence survey.
Understand exactly what is going on in your organisation.
Psychosocial risk assessment.
Provide a full picture of the drivers of psychosocial risk.
Regulatory gap analysis.
Measure your compliance with recent regulations and identify gaps and strategies to fill them.
Screenshot of the admin report dashboard

Safe To Speak

The reporting channel that people use.

Our victim centric design is proven to overcome the top barriers to reporting, making it easier for people to get the support they need.


One third of employees experienced psychosocial misconduct in the last year.


Of incidents get reported, leaving a majority to repeat or escalate in severity.


Of employees say their top reason for not making a report: “I didn't think it was serious enough”.


Of employees report a high confidence and satisfaction in reporting with RespectX.

Anonymity is key. I experienced a situation many years ago and in the moment I completely froze. I didn't report it to anyone, formally or informally. RespectX is a game changer.

- Anonymous Employee

How To Implement

Easy onboard and setup.

Implementing RespectX is a straightforward change management process, not an IT implementation.

Quick setup

No app downloads or complex system configurations for your users.

Onboard Training

How to make a report and why it matters to your organisation.


Make a bold statement and continue to nudge over time to encourage reporting.


Receive ongoing platform support for all your users and case managers.


Tailor the platform and services to suit your needs and workflow.


Integrate with leading software providers with API (Coming Soon).

RespectX is easy to use and clearly presented and stepped out.

- Anonymous Employee

Build Trust & Confidence

Signal to your people and your stakeholders that you're committed

After RespectX was implemented at their workplace, 82% of people believed that their leadership was serious about building a safe, respectful workplace.

Photo of someone browsing the RespectX website on their mobile phone
Photo of someone using a tablet with the RespectX logo on the screen
A respect poster stuck to the glass wall of an office meeting room
A photo of a person reading a magazine with a double page advertisement for RespectX

This is exactly the type of environment we are trying to create for our AFLW team. We want them to be the absolute best versions of themselves, on and off the field, and they can't do that unless they have a safe and supportive environment. RespectX is fundamental.

Darren Crocker
Coach at North Melbourne AFL Women's Team

Security & Privacy

Enterprise-grade security.

Navigate organisational resilience with a completely secure platform for your entire organsiation.


Servers located in AUS and EU data centres are SOC2 certified.


End-to-end data encryption in transition and at rest.


Multi-factor verification required for organisation access.


GDPR compliant. All data points are de-identified and aggregated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

If you still have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch.






People trust RespectX more than any other platform. Trust plus safety, equals performance.